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Stuck on a great idea, or looking for one?

Creativity & execution is made accessible to everyone with,

R.A.T. models

To Services

1- day 

Introductory workshop

Wet-your-feet with User centric and Resourceful methodologies

Ideate to a testable outcome

3 - 5 days

Build it!

Apply lean research


Project phase and need based

Customised co-creation 




the problem


Ideate with available resources


R.A.T. of Innovation

We support companies to use their available resources (assets, abilities, skills, methods and technologies) to decisively change their future, using the Rapidly Applied Techniques of Innovation from R.A.T. Lab - a repeatable, structured system that first creates a deep and broad understanding of the space (Explore) and then focuses on the problem (Describe the problem) to arrive at feasible solutions based on the resources available to you (Ideate with available resources) to rapidly validate against the

market (Prototype & Test).





RatOf Innovation
to Innovate


  • Know the #1 value the business wants to get out of solving this problem

  • Collaboratively identify resources available in the context   

  • Assess risks of assumptions made

  • Arrive at an emerging value proposition and business hypothesis

  • Go wild or stay constrained - Start blue sky, or start with your constraints. Use your resources and limitations by systematically creating new value from them. 

  • Create a stack of ideas with resources available to you. Move fast from abstract to concrete

  • ​Converge on the best aspects, to start with one consolidated, storyboarded solution

  • Build a tangible prototype in a few hours! Unleash the power of mock-ups!


Lean Research

Are your creative brains moving around in circles? Can't agree on where or how to start? Are your limitations holding you back?


Jump start your idea

by Rapidly Applying Techniques

from Design Thinking, Resourceful Innovation, Lean Start-up & Lean UX, we guide the team to a common agreement and understanding of what problem needs to be solved​ to,

by Rapidly Applying Techniques

of lateral thinking and resourcefulness in ideation, we help you converge early on a high level conceptual prototype​ to,

Bring an idea to life

to lean research
Explorative Research

Defining the problem based on the people experiencing it

Evaluative Research

Evaluating an existing design, in prototype or in final form

Organise & Utilise

Consolidating research & defining an action plan

We help you collect your own data, from real people and real customers with lean research to drive investment decisions with senior management and sponsors through,

to Pitch


Together we give your ideas and work a voice. The key here is,

To Coach
  • Learn to focus on the needs of the audience - they are your customers when you pitch!

  • Learn to pack your work and results into a presentation of conviction

  • Do it concisely, clearly and simply!

  • We coach & train R.A.T of Innovation on applying Resourceful innovation, lean startup and lean User centric methodologies

Coach & Train

  • Provide training and consultancy on R.A.T of Design - basic design principles for digital products and best practice for digital product teams

to About


R.A.T. Lab  is about harnessing the untapped potential of your resources to reinvent your future, using what you have, simultaneously driving core business.


A squealing passion for the understanding of products and services built around real needs for real customers, creates sustainable business models. We bring along a bubbling concoction of models matched and blended  from Design thinking, Resourceful innovation, Lean start-up and Lean UX to jump start a great idea, lead development by the users' need and iterate through lean experiments. Those pesky risks are identified and addressed, one iteration at a time!

With us, it's not only about wild, crazy ideas. In harnessing the power of available resources creatively, we bring to you effective ways of ambidexterity to harmonise both core and new capabilities. The focus being those things with high frequency and high impact for your customers, using knowledge and assets to create the most beneficial solutions for them. With our tools of creative ideation, it becomes possible to simulate mind-set changes and convert limitations into assets systematically - making innovation accessible to everyone. Because sometimes all you have is what you have, and that is enough!

With over 20 years of experience in different cultures and geographies in the financial industry, we have catalysed the process of innovation in the Lab's in big corporations, consulting mid-size companies and mentoring Startup's to execute on their vision. It has taught us exactly how to identify what bits to gnaw at first to work swiftly and effectively through complexity.

If you're looking for guidance to move your creative minds to tap their full potential or wanting to bring an idea to life or simply looking for coaching to do any of these on your own, let R.A.T. Lab know! We offer Innovation-as-a-service, to invent solutions that move the needle while preserving your core business!  


Mrinalini D'Costa


Founder R. A. T . Lab

Lead Innovation Consultant


Bernhard Hobel


Strategic Partner R. A. T . Lab

Ideator & Innovation Enabler

To Testimonials

Clients & Testimonials


"...RATLab triggered new ideas on how to create value add for our customers"

Karoline Lampe

Siemens, Head of Digital Advisory


"Resourceful Innovation is a game changer!"

Andrew Copland-Cale

Siemens, Head of Digitalization /

Head of Risk Management & Controls


 "..RAT triggered new perspectives for our thinking. With the RAT of innovation technique, our team along with our customers developed unexpected results."


 "..It might look hard to connect innovation and Audit, but with the audit-related use cases RATLab made it relevant for us. This was a highly committed approach you rarely see from a coach."

Andrey Sereda

Siemens, Director Data Analytics

Armin Wagenländer

Siemens, Head of Procurement/SCM Functional Development 


 "..with RATLab I learnt the difference between understanding the customer and discussing with the customer."

Sonia Chopra-Sohanpall

Siemens, Head of Digital Lab GBS


"... I'm convinced that more organisations, from start-ups to corporations would profit from tackling innovation resourcefully... "

Manuel Holzhauer

InsurTech Hub, Managing Director


Dr. Manuela Kahle



"It is radical. It is outrageous. It … works!

What remains, if the most important part of your business gets taken away? A whole lot. In fact, everything. Just different. Better!

Use RATLab only  if you really want to change something. If you are ready to be unconventional. If you want to (re)invent yourself, your product, your service, all that you do.

Don‘t be afraid. Everything that gets taken away, you get back. though, differently. Better!"

Johann Ramefort.jpeg

"... Strong of her experience, Mrinalini had great insights on all companies and suggested very actionable items on which to improve.... "

Johann Ramefort

Techstars, Managing director


"What a great experience to work with Mrinalini where she recently conducted a group innovation session in the role of an Innovation Coach to a room of 22 people in China (one of which was me)..."

Colin Griffiths

Oak Tree intermediaries, Head of Treaty

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R.A.T. Lab

St.-Wendel-Straße 5C

81379 München

Tel: 0172-89-36446

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