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REINVENT this festive season

Updated: Dec 21, 2021

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#Step1 Reinvent Giving!

Instead if giving this festive season, TAKE instead!

  • Take away something you can do without. Can you think of a frequent occurence, that adds more friction or distress than it does value?

  • For either yourself or someone you care about - in your partner's life, your child or even a team member? What could you take away from them to have a positive effect?

  • What would the benefit be, of taking it away? Perhaps reduce stress, provide extra time, reduce overhead?

#Step2 Reinvent Resolutions!

Instead of making grand resolutions for change, resolve NOT to change!

  • What would you like to preserve from 2021?

Think of something that brought you joy in 2021. What about it made you happy?

  • What could you do to keep it in 2022?

How could you make it say in 2022? Keep it simple and easy, so it gets even stronger in 2022!

#Step3 Reinvent Planning!

Instead of planning, GO with the flow!

  • What planned areas could you instead, let go of?

What would happen if you would let go of planning and control in an area closely monitored.

  • Allow freedom instead, let intuition work.

What positive behaviour of effect could this encourage?

Share with us what these simple steps trigger in you? Which of them are you inclined to try out. Let us know what comes out of it!

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